Welcome to Katarina homepage!

Who am I?

I was born 1969 in Tartu.
As ten years old girl I started art courses in Tartu Art School for children.
My studies continued in Tartu Art College, that I finished in 1988 in specialising art design.

For today I have found silk paintings as new interesting area. Ten years experience in silk painting have resulted my efforts with exhibitions in Viljandi Art College.
More exhibitions: Mini Expo, Lisboa and Porto, 2004 april-may.

My paintings have found warm and positive feedback from people used to see and buy them.
Usual orders I get for silk painting are home decorations, gifts, scarves and shawls.

I hope you like my works that I have represented in my homepage.

I am glad to inform that you can order my paintings to adorn yourself, your home or your friends.
Why not to make somebody happier with these small pieces of art?

Best regards


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